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Chiponde School

Chiponde, a village in Malawi, was in need of a school building. The building was made of grass and the floor was dirt. We were committed to working with the community to build a school campus.  The future is bright!



Global Ventures partnered with the ACF to rebuild the Chiponde School with wood and stone. The first phase of the school has been completed. 


First phase of the school project 


Mlolongo's New Hope Academy & Orphanage


With God’s help we sought assistance for this school and orphanage located in the Kaberia slums. The facility needed a cement floor in its kitchen. The dirt floor became a mud puddle when it rained.  Once the project was completed the expression on the Cook’s face as she stood on the cement floor said it all.  



Primary School Graduation_Mlonlongo.jpg
Mlolongo Orphanage and School_2015_3.jpg
Children eating in the new kitchen.JPEG
Cook at the school.JPEG
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