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​We spend a great deal of time sharing, training and promoting sustainable projects and discipleship relationships that impact lives. Our team is committed to global change and global impact.


Our team studies, trains and travels annually to various African countries. During our non-travel months, we work to engage and educate local churches and pastors. First and foremost is to ignite the compassion to care and unleash prayers for this work.  

We’re passionate about making disciples that allows lives to be transformed through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. It's been more than 2,000 years ago that our lives changed forever, and we are entrusted to share this wonderful news to everyone!  

Join Us for Global Change! Get started today!

You can join the labor of love with a donation of any size.
EIN 36-4786415
Global Ventures  
A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization
100% of all funds given are directed to missionaries and projects. We do not retain any funds for administrative, training or otherwise.
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