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Our Mission 

Global Ventures M2820 is a faith-based organization seeking to empower communities globally. Our mission is to mobilize people and create sustainable solutions for the welfare of mankind while making disciples to impact the nations.


Our Vision

The vision of Global Ventures M2820 is to transform communities by improving their quality of life through disciple-making movements which will impact churches, cultures, and communities for Christ.


Our Objective

The objective of Global Ventures is to seek out communities and/or groups of people worldwide to help and assist in improving their quality of life and to this end, make disciples according to God's holistic approach.  Utilizing the “holistic” approach involves reaching the world with the whole gospel for the whole person.

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10/40 WINDOW

Global Ventures Paths

We strive to follow the command to make disciples of all nations, Matthew 28:18-20. This non-negotiable command is given to every believer, of every age and generation. Global Ventures M2820 strives to advance the Gospel into the nations through discipleship. We will accomplish this path by mobilizing churches, groups, organizations, families, and individuals to support missionaries to unreached people groups.


  • School construction and facilities improvement

  • Adult education needs

  • Literacy issues

  • Supplies, materials, and resources


Health and Wellness

  • Clean water, sanitation issues, and well digging

  • Immunization issues and alternative medicine

  • Poverty/Economics

  • Farming, gardening, and greenhouses

  • Orphan care


Covenant Partnering

Building relationships in communities for the purpose of seeking Covenant Partners to engage in various projects.



  • Xplore - **A course delivered in seven sessions, designed for individuals to discover God's Word, God's World, and God's Work.

  • Praying Effectively for the Lost

  • Master Life (Discipleship)



  • Short-term mission trips

  • Weekend mission trips within the United States

  • Local initiatives

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